Sunday, 31 July 2011

Product Review: J Beverly Hills Mousse up Volumizing Mousse

For all those who require volume, light hold and lots of conditioning in a mousse, this one is absolutely worth a try. J Beverly Hills is a fairly new brand, created by a stylist from LA (aren't they all......) and talks up a lot of the paraben-free, ultra natural marketing angle (don't they all....) but they do have some uniquely formulated products. This particular mousse has a dense, creamy foam, which spreads easily. The smell is a lovely, light citrus scent and it the texture is conditioning and flakeless. It's absolutely NOT a thick, hard 80's style strong hold mousse- this is the type of mousse that creates a soft, bouncy and touchable style. I found it defined and defrizzed my curls beautifully and I had tons of volume and bounce. For people looking to achieve the hot roller, bouncy Victoria's secret hair, this would also be fabulous for that.

I do have a slight caveat, the product does go a long way but it is incredibly hard to get out of the package. You have to use all the force of your thumbs to pump the dispenser, turn the product upside down, shake incredibly vigorously.....they couldn't have used a standard dispenser? The price is fairly reasonable when you do consider the small amount of product you need, so I don't feel bad paying for it, but when you consider the fact that packaging is usually the biggest contributor to the cost of a product, it really is frustrating to buy high end products with substandard packaging.
  1. Water/Aqua/Eau: Good old fashioned water
  2. Polyquaternium-11: Anti-static conditioning agent that provides a little bit of hold
  3. VP/VA Copolymer: Powdery textured hold ingredient
  4. Propane: Propellant that helps create that mousse texture
  5. Butane: Another propellant
  6. Isobutane: Yet another propellant
  7. Diazolidinyl urea: Preservative
  8. Laureth-4: Surfactant that helps create a more dense foam
  9. Amodimethicone: For that gloss, and that shine with a light feeling
  10. Trideceth-12: Another surfactant
  11. Cetrimonium chloride: Anti-static conditioning agent
  12. PEG-60 Almond Glycerides: Emulsifier
  13. Cocamidopropyl betaine: More surfactant
  14. PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil: Another emulsifier
  15. Fragrance/Parfum: For things to smell good
  16. Benzyl benzoate: More fragrance
  17. Citronellol: More fragrance
  18. Butylphenyl methylpropional: Even more fragrance
  19. Limonene: Another fragrance
  20. Linalool: More fragrance
  21. Sodium benzoate: Preservative
  22. Panthenol: This famous Vitamin B derivative helps enhance hair's body, suppleness and shine
  23. PEG-12 Dimethicone: When you see this, you know that 12 molecules of polyethylene glycol were bonded with dimethicone- what do they do together? They act as a surfactant
  24. Benzophenone-4: A note on sunscreens in hair products, this one is the most common. A-It doesn't provide much protection, for example this is a maximum SPF of 4, if you're lucky. B-The reason there's no sunscreen rating on any products, is because no sunscreen actually stays on the hair very long, because they can't absorb into the cuticle, the second the hair is touched or brushed, it flakes off. Conclusion: It's best to wear a hat
  25. Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate: This is also known as Octinoxate, another sunscreen. See above.

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